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History of Treveague since 1920

We've been gathering information on the history of Treveague Farm since the 1920s. Please help us by contributing to this page at the bottom.

We bought the campsite in October 2020 (which now seems a long time), but it has been around for a very long time in its own right.  We thought for a winter project we would try and uncover the history of the farmland.


We also thought it would be great to collect pictures and memories from our long standing guests.  Please feel free to add your own below.

We can trace the history of the farm back to the 1881 census and then February 1920 when it was sold to Mr Edwin Lanyon by Mrs Elanor Louisa Holbrooke who was married to Philip Lancelot Holbroke, a General in the British Army. 


In July 1923 it was sold to Mr Jacob Rickard Kitto who held it until September 1942 when it was sold to a London company called Southover Estates.  The farm was electrified in December 1942 at a cost of £424.50.  In October 1942, as part of the war effort, the farm was ordered to produce Corn, Roots and Grass by the Cornwall War Agricultural Executive Committee.

The Whetters, who still live very locally, took over the farm around May 1943, first with Charles Stanley Whetter and then his son Charles Reginald Andrew. 


Mains water was added by the Whetters and Cornwall council (who owned and still own Carvinick farm) in December 1961.  Prior to this the farm had its own water supply and from 1937 provided water to some 17 houses in the Gorran area.


The farm has held more or less the same footprint it did in the 1920s, apart from the field at the end of the track through the campsite which was sold to the National Trust in 1966 and now forms part of Penare Farm.

The campsite was first established by Barbara Whetter in the 1960s after Reg put a slate sign at the end of the road. 


The showerblock was built in 1987 and the current Reception area was put in around 2009.

The former barn at the entrance to the campsite was converted to the cottages in the 1980s.

The campsite camping area has remained substantially the same for the past 20 years giving people space and sea views down to the Lizard.

Thanks to Charlie, Barbara and Jayne Whetter for helping us with this project.


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