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EV Car Charging

You can book a slot in advance at our 22KW EV charging points using the services below.  Your slot will start at the booked time and be subject to the minimum charge of £8 per hour.  Although the charger is rated at 22KW most cars appear to draw 12KW, so that is

how we have priced the hourly rate at.

If you use more electric than the minimum (12Kw) then we will bill the card that we have on file for your campsite booking.  We also charge at a rate of £1.00 per minute that you stay in the parking area after your time has expired.  We charge electric at £0.65 per KW.

Please read the T&Cs below.

EV Charging points at Treveague Campsite

Vehicle charging services


  1. Your contract is with Treveague Campsite Ltd, Gorran, St. Austell, Cornwall,  PL26 6NY.  A non-refundable payment is required when making your booking, this forms a contract between yourself and Treveague Campsite Ltd.

  2. The car charger is rated at 22KW, but please note that this may vary depending on other usage on the campsite at the time.  Peak electric usage is generally between 5pm and 8.30pm when the Café is cooking.

  3. Car charging is charged at £0.65 per kW used, with an hourly minimum of £8.00  You will be charged at £1.00 per minute that you stay in the charging bay after your time has expired.

  4. We have put these bollards in as a trial, and as such we may need to change our processes, charging and billing without notice.  Please bear with us as we refine and improve over time.

  5. Priority is given to people who have a pitch at the campsite.  All charging needs to be prebooked, and vehicles need to be preregistered.  To preregister please add in the car registration in your campsite booking and put a note in the booking alerting us to the fact that you wish to use the car charger when here.

  6. You MUST bring the charging lead for your car - we supply a type 2 charging socket only.

  7. As a courtesy to other users please ensure that:

    1. You vacate the charging bay at the earlier of the end of your booking or your vehicle being fully charged.

    2. Please only book a slot for as long as you need to charge for.

    3. Please do not reserve a slot and then not use it.

    4. Should this happen then we reserve the right to remove your ability to charge at our bollards and/or charge for the charge that would be provided.​

  8. We do our best to ensure that no one parks in the charging bays, but we have no way of preventing someone parking inconsiderately.  If this happens we will attempt to contact the driver of the vehicle if they are known to us.  Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances the chargers may not be available.

  9. We will use the data from our charging points for billing purposes.  Our tests shows this to be identical to the charge recorded by our test vehicles but in case of a difference our charging data will be used.

  10. Treveague Campsite Ltd does not accept responsibility for any injuries, loss or damage arising to any person using the site. Nor do we accept responsibility for any damage or loss occasioned to personal property, vehicles or pets whilst on the campsite or storage area.  

  11. If anything is wrong or could be improved please go to Reception and we should be able to sort any issues for you there.

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