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  1. Advice for first timers to Treveague:

    1. Check in time is after noon on your arrival date. This is mainly so that we have time to mow pitches,  but it also helps manage traffic flow in the approach roads.

    2. We need you to be settled on your pitch before dark as we do not permit vehicle movements after dark.  This is to avoid noise and disturbance to sleeping campers.  Please be considerate.

    3. If you want to plug in 13 amp devices (like you do at home) in a tent then you will need to bring a Commando plug adapter to connect to the electrical hook up on your pitch.  You will need to ensure that this is kept dry.  Also be aware of the number of Amps that you are going to draw.  All our hook ups will cope with charging phones etc,  but some are 6 Amp and they will struggle with items such as domestic kettles.  The Amps on every hook up are listed on the descriptions that you would have seen when you booked.  If in doubt invest in camping kettles etc or bring gas stoves.

    4. Camping is all about self sufficiency.  We do not carry stocks of equipment such as chairs, tables etc. You will need to bring the equipment that you need for your holiday.  There are limited camping shops nearby in and on the way into St Austell.

    5. Be aware of the expected weather conditions.  As we say on the website we have fantastic sea views, but this means that if the weather turns it can also be windy.  Please make sure that your gear is strong enough, and that you know how to use it.  It is always a good idea to put that tent up in the garden before trying to do it here.  We do have sheltered pitches which we can move you too subject to availability.

    6. Rock pegs are going to be a good investment for pitches 70 -83 as we say in their description. 

    7. If coming in a motorhome or campervan we recommend you bring levelling ramps.  Our pitches are all grass rather than hard standing so levelling ramps can come in handy.

    8. The water on the hook ups is potable.  Water in the shower block is labelled whether it is fit for drinking.

    9. Things to bring that we do not stock in the shop – gas bottles, medicines other than paracetamol and Calpol, sun cream (although we will have some factor 30 in the shop).

    10. Shower rules - please leave the showers as you would want to find them.  There are squeegee mops in there so please sweep excess water and anything else up once you have used them.  Please no dirty/muddy/sandy footwear in the showerblock.  Dogs are not permitted anywhere in the showerblock.

    11. Toilets - we are not connected to a mains drain so please use minimal toilet paper and nothing other than toilet paper and things that have been through you down the pan.  Blockages cause a big problem for all if we have to take the toilets out of service for any reason.​

    12. First aid - Always have a first aid kit to deal with simple emergencies. Don’t keep it sealed up until it’s needed. Check what is inside and make sure you know how to use the contents. Read the leaflet before an emergency occurs. That way you’ll be prepared. The most important thing to remember is that first aid is precisely that – initial help for small cuts and bruises. If you are in any doubt at all about treating the patient, if you think there may be something seriously wrong then get proper medical attention. Getting yourself trained in first aid might be a good idea. The British Red Cross, St John’s Ambulance and the St Andrew’s Ambulance Association in Scotland all organise local courses.

  2. What can go on a pitch ? Pitch prices are for 2 Adults and either 1 car with a tent/touring caravan/trailer tent or 1 motorhome or 1 campervan. There are extra charges for additional cars, children over 5 years of age, dogs, gazebos (also utility or kitchen tents), awnings and pup tents​.  The maximum number of people on a pitch is 6, and we monitor this proactively to avoid overcrowding on the site and the facilities.  Your accommodation must fit within the pitch and please show consideration for your neighbours.  A motorhome is a branded motorhome, a campervan is something similar to a VW T5.  If your accommodation is non standard then please phone us to discuss. 

  3. Check in time - please do not arrive before noon on your day of arrival.  We need time to tidy the pitches and mow them before arrival.  It also helps to stagger departure and arrivals.

  4. Departure time - please vacate your pitch by 10am on the day of departure.  There should be space to park up if you want to have breakfast from the Cafe before leaving the site.

  5. Shower tokens, why ?  The showers are hot and have a good pressure.  There are 5 in both the mens and ladies blocks.  The ladies also has a dressing area with mirrors and power sockets for hair drying etc.  The tokens are priced at a minmal value but help to ensure that everyone has hot water,  and that at peak times when people come back from the beach there are enough showers available for everyone.  Feedback on shower tokens is mixed,  but the most common feedback is people like them as they reduce the chances of any queuing at peak time.

  6. What is the best route to get to us ?  Please see our getting to us page

  7. How do I book ? Our preference is that bookings are made online.  The availability is live,  and is the same system that we would use if you phone us.  However if you'd rather book over the phone then please telephone us on 01726 844027 or email at

  8. Are you close to the South West Coast Footpath ? Yes we are,  if you are on the Dodman point or Gorran  then we are your closest campsite.  We offer a reduce rate for coastal path walkers - please telephone us on 01726 844027, but can nearly always accommodate people with a rucksack and a tent.

  9. What about dogs ? We are a dog friendly campsite,  and most beaches around us permit dogs on them all year around.  We do insist that dogs are on leads in the site.  Dogs must not be left alone in vans or cars.  We occcassionally get complaints about dogs that bark excessively or are otherwise consistently anti-social.  Please consider how you will deal with this if it happens on our site.

  10. Do we accept supermarket deliveries ? We do not permit supermarket vans on the site.  They cause congestion in the lanes for arriving and departing guests.  Their vans also tend to churn up the grass.  We do consiously price our retail beer and wine to be competitive and it is also kept cold for you.

  11. Open fires ? Unfortunately not,  they burn the grass and make a mess which is unfair on the next person who comes to that pitch.  We do however like a firepit or a BBQ providing they are kept off the ground on slabs that are available by the bins.

  12. Do we charge for awnings ? In 2022 we are introducing a £2 per night charge for awnings.  If you have a separate small tent for children then these are an extra and can be added in the booking process either on line or by the telephone.

  13. How do I pay the balance ?  The booking system will automatically send you a link closer to your due date.  Alternatively you can phone the office on 01726 844027 if you prefer.

  14. Useful local contact numbers

    1. Treliske Hospital - 01872 250000​

    2. Local Doctors, Mevagissey surgery 01726 75555

    3. Penrice A&E in St Austell 01726 873000

    4. Local Vets - Pelyn Vets - 01726 68177, Penmellyn Vets 01726 77777, Vets4Pets 01726 626820

    5. Nearest garage is now back in St Austell.

    6. Caravan & Motorhome repair - Dickie at Kernow Mobile Caravan Services - 07877 352288, or Cara-Doc on 07734 283333 (authorised to do repairs under warranty).

    7. Taxis - Tracy Elizabeth has recently set up a local car service. Advanced bookings only on  07938 951687 or or try one of the taxi firms in St Austell such as A2B Taxis (St Austell) 01726 66600.

    8. Dog Walking - Rosanna in Gorran Haven, email letting her know the breed, age and any other necessary details.

Picture of Hemmick Beach
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