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How to book - 8 easy steps

Step 1 - Sitemap & Dates

It can be helpful to have the sitemap open in a different page.  Click here to open it now

Go to our bookings page  and put in the dates that you want to check for.

Then click search.

Step 1

Step 2 - Type of pitch

The pitch types that we have for those dates are then displayed.

Select the pitch type that you want.


Step 3 - Choose your pitch

The individual pitches available are now shown.  We've added lots of information on each pitch so you can pick one perfect for you.

If you want more than one pitch note the numbers of the ones that are together at this point


Step 4 - Extras

Add any extras that you want.

The prices shown are the total price for the duration of the stay,  not the price per night.


Step 5 - Deposit

Add any notes,  and also select whether you want to pay just the deposit now or the full amount.

Our deposit terms are 25% with a £25.00 minimum.


Step 6 - Summary

Check this carefully.

If you want to book another pitch either for the same time, or at a different time click "Add another booking"


Step 7 - Your details

If you've stayed with us before please log in,  otherwise complete the details on the page.

Creating an account allows you to review the booking summary at any point.

Step 7

Step 8 - Payment

This final page shows a summary of the booking with any extras.

You can then enter card details to pay either the deposit or the full amount depending on what you selected earlier.

Once complete you will get an email with a confirmation sent to you. 


Please use the booking number if you wish to contact us later.

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